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Children Of Gaza- Bristol

Children Of Gaza- Bristol

Children Of Gaza- Bristol

Children Of Gaza- Bristol

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As we gather on this day, Feb 10, 2024, we are reminded of the urgent need to stand in solidarity with the innocent Palestinians facing the devastating impact of renewed conflict. More than 21,000+ lives, including 8467 children, health workers, and journalists, have been tragically affected. Additionally, 38,078 people have been wounded, and approximately 4,700 are missing, suspected to be buried under the rubble—with the majority being children.

In this latest conflict, the number of children lost in Gaza surpasses the toll in any other conflict zone since 2019. The loss of innocent lives is profoundly saddening, and witnessing the suffering of surviving children is heart breaking.

💙 Let’s make a positive impact! 💙

Join us in a special Community Engagement and Fundraising Event dedicated to supporting the children of Gaza. By participating, you contribute to providing much-needed relief, care, and hope to those affected. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and help rebuild the lives of these resilient young souls.

Your presence and support are invaluable. Let’s stand united in compassion, working towards a brighter future for the children of Gaza.

#HelpTheChildrenOfGaza #CommunityEngagement #FundraisingEvent #SupportForGazaChildren 🕊

CRECHE FACILITY- We have free creche facility for children of age between 5 and 12. Please purchase creche facility ticket in case you have a child, for us to determine number of children coming for event . Any one without a Creche ticket, General admission ticket and with child may be denied entry as we have limited spaces available.

Please note that an adults must possess general admission ticket along with creche ticket if accompanied with child.

Ustadha Ameena Blake

(Our Keynote Speaker)

Dr Ahmed Sabra

(Second Speaker)

Sister Islam Alashi (From Gaza)

Our Third Speaker

Islam was born in Gaza and grew up among its people. Islam, like her father, the psychologist Riyad Al-Ashi, had a great passion for studying the English language and human development and teaching it to others. Islam studied the bachelor’s degree in the English language and graduated from the Islamic University in Gaza. After her graduation, she worked in UNRWA schools. She also worked as a translation teacher at the British Academy of Languages in Gaza. Her ambition did not stop there, but she searched and communicated with international bodies via the Internet to try to travel and achieve her dream of training people in the field of human development. Islam began training hundreds of young people in Gaza in the field of human development and hosted… Islam traveled to several countries to attend many conferences, including in Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia. Islam received many international certificates and awards in response to her wonderful efforts that she provided to the youth of Palestine in Gaza, the most important of which was the Shield of Courage in 2014 in Jordan.

Then she applied for a master’s degree at Coventry University in Britain, and Islam worked in the field of teaching English at the University of Liverpool, and some English schools. Then she married, gave birth, and settled in Britain.

Islam has lived through all the brutal wars in Gaza, including the 2008 war and the 2014 war, but the most important of them was the last war on Gaza, which is still raging to this moment. Islam had a share of it.

Let’s listen to an eyewitness

Zubair Yakeen

Zubair “The voice of truth from Bristols streets” better known by his stage name ‘Yakeen’ is a hard hitting, thought provoking, spoken word and vocal production artist.

Born and raised in the UK he has worked on many community projects like “Building the bridge” project which was widely publicised and published in libraries and was also recognised and awarded a community award for being one of the most influential Muslims in his home town, the city of Bristol.

He has also done a “Lyrical Miracle” tour for charitable causes alongside poet Boonna Mohammed, headlined shows for Palestine accross the UK and has also ran youth workshops on creative writing and critical thinking.

This year he hopes to create more of a social media presence as his passion to speak out against injustice in the 3rd world has brought him to where he is today. The suffering of others is the main pinnacle that drives Yakeen to share his thoughts with the world which is a crucial part to his work

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