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Lauren Booth

Bio Lauren Booth

Lauren Booth is an actor and journalist dedicated to creating space for the Muslim narrative as widely as possible. After a successful mainstream print and broadcasting career spanning 25 years, she became a strong voice for the Palestinian cause after breaking the siege of Gaza by land and sea with the Freegaza and Viva Palestina Movements in 2008 and 2009. 

She wrote a memoir dedicated to the people of Palestine and their struggle which she has since converted into a one woman show.

In 2019‘Accidentally Muslim’ Lauren toured the world’s largest arts festival the Edinburgh Fringe to fantastic reviews. 

A social media presence across all platforms, Lauren presents talks and lectures for institutions, podcasts and TV channels across the world.

Her YouTube channel is dedicated to awakening Muslims and non Muslims to the realities of Islam and its people through history documentaries, interviews and comment videos.

She works with Iqra Turkiye supporting the needs of Turkish, Syrian and Palestinian families.

’In Search of a Holy Land’ Lauren’s memoir is now available in both Turkish and English.