Snowdon Challenge – Info For The Day

UKIM Summer Snowdon Challenge 2024

This nine-mile trek challenge is for adults of all ages including families + children (12 and above), youth groups (16+), and individual sisters (group). TeamUKIM has partnered with RAW Adventures, whose experienced guides will ensure you go home with a deeper understanding of the mountain. Our Marabi will help embrace and appreciate Allah’s perfect creativity within and in its blending with surroundings. InshaAllah we expect to finish the challenge with a greater sense of wellbeing, a huge sense of achievement, and social integration.

Together, we will develop a sense of wonder and intrigue about Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa) as we ascend to the 1,085-metre-high summit – all while raising awareness and funds to support our vision.


The purpose of this challenge is for UKIM volunteers to spread awareness about various issues faced by communities in the UK and to raise funds to support UKIM’s efforts to create social change around these issues.

What Is There for Us

  • Social Interaction: Meet new people and make meaningful connections with others who care about similar things. It’s a great way to enjoy fun social interactions and possibly form lasting friendships. It’s an excellent way to build a sense of community working together for a greater purpose.
  • New Experiences: Trying new things encourages creativity, which helps with being more flexible and open to new ideas and ways of thinking. New experiences train your brain to recall all the exciting and rewarding things associated with them.
  • Physical Health Benefits: This challenge may be a great way to break the cycle of stagnation and introduce some exercise into your day. Training for the challenge can help you add physical activity to your routine, like walking or jogging, and encourage you to move more often and escape a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Mental and Spiritual Health Benefits: This challenge will not only improve your physical health but also benefit your mental health by helping reduce anxiety and depression, while improving your self-esteem. It will enhance spiritual well-being as it gives a sense of fulfilment through performing a selfless act and feeling connected with your community.
  • Making a Difference in Society: UKIM and its volunteers work tirelessly to alleviate social, economic, and health inequities in our society, such as educating children, providing better health support in marginalized communities, ending poverty and homelessness, and making nutrition and clean drinking water available to everyone. By participating, you can make a real difference in society.

Joining the Challenge

The UKIM Summer Snowdon Challenge is open to existing and potential volunteers from the general public who support UKIM’s cause.


  • To Register: Please visit UKIM Summer Snowdon Challenge 2024.
  • Registration Fee: Fill out the online SIGN-UP form and pay the £39 registration fee. This will ensure your place on the challenge, and you will receive an itinerary and safety brochure from RAW Adventures by email. For any queries, email
  • Registration Deadline: Registration is open until July 20, 2024. However, the date may be extended in case of technical issues. Please contact us at

Minimum Sponsorship/Fundraising

  • Fundraiser Setup: On the registration website, click the ‘Start Fundraiser’ button, set up your fundraiser, and share your fundraising link with as many friends, supporters, and contacts as possible. Also, share the link with us at so we can provide feedback on how the funds you raised made a difference.
  • Minimum Sponsorship Target: £150 is the minimum sponsorship that you need to raise. To join TeamUKIM at Snowdon on July 29, you need to raise at least 80% of the sponsorship target before the challenge date. The remaining 20% can be raised within four weeks after the challenge.

On the Day

TeamUKIM will make Llanberis (pronounced as KHEMBARIS) its base for this event as it is the best place for ease of access to the start and end point. It is also the best place to find accommodation for participants traveling from longer distances who want an overnight stay.


  • 10:00hrs: Meet your Mountain Leader at the Dolbadarn Castle Parc Padarn Car Park, Llanberis, LL55 4TY.
  • 10:05hrs: Group safety briefing and kit check.
  • 10:15hrs: Latest walk start time from the agreed start point.
  • 14:00hrs: Expected arrival at Yr Wyddfa summit.
  • 14:30hrs: Departure from Yr Wyddfa summit.
  • 17:30hrs: Latest arrival back in Llanberis – Meal and Refreshment.
  • 18:30hrs: Departure from Llanberis.


Snowdon is 1,085 metres above sea level and has some steep and rocky sections and paths; it is reasonable to plan some longer walks – with your backpack on – before undertaking this challenge.

Weather & Safety

Regardless of the time of year, we may experience clouds, rain, wind, sun, and even snow! The temperatures can be much cooler higher on the mountain tops, so having layers that you can add to and take off will work. Please ensure you have all the required equipment as specified in the Kit List – this is for your safe enjoyment of the mountain environment and to protect you from unexpected weather conditions. Your well-experienced and qualified Mountain Leader will carry all necessary group safety equipment. They will also be qualified in Emergency First Aid.


It’s sufficient to carry at least 2 liters of water, plus juice drinks. Packed lunches will be provided; however, you may bring your own (avoid gravy, etc.). It is advisable to pack a variety of foods – both savoury and sweet – that will sustain you during the day. Choose complex carbohydrates and whole foods rather than overly sweet items. Foods like malt loaf, mixed fruit and nuts, cheese, oat cakes, raw fruit bars, dark chocolate, and filled wraps. It is beneficial to self-rely because the Visitor Centre and café are never guaranteed to be open during the summer season (this being weather-dependent) and it is completely closed from October to April, over the ‘winter’ months.

Kit List

Summer Conditions: Make sure you pack according to the list. Remember that layers are the key, allowing you to adjust your temperature more easily. This list is the minimum requirement (not optional). You may be refused participation if your kit is not adequate for the weather conditions.

  • Clothing
    • Base layer or T-shirt (not cotton)
    • Walking trousers (not jeans)
    • Fleece jacket or top
    • Spare warm layer in rucksack
    • Waterproof jacket
    • Waterproof trousers (separate from your walking trousers)
    • Warm hat
    • Warm gloves
  • Equipment
    • Packed rucksack – at least 25 litres
    • Rucksack liner (or bin bag) to keep rain out!
    • Trekking poles (highly recommended for tired legs on descent)
    • Suncream/sunglasses/sun hat
    • Mobile phone in a sealed plastic bag
  • Food and Drink
    • 2 x 1 litre reusable water bottles (filled with water to start)
    • Packed lunch
    • Snacks / extra juice drinks
    • Plastic bag to take your rubbish home
  • Footwear
    • Sturdy, comfy walking boots with ankle support and good tread.
    • Comfortable walking socks + spare pair
  • First Aid Kit
    • Personal blister protection/Compeed
    • Ibuprofen/painkillers
    • Plasters

Administration and Logistics

Plan Your Travel: UKIM Summer Snowdon Challenge is a one-day trek, and hence it will be an early start from Llanberis, LL55 4TY. The distance from various UKIM zones is as follows:

  • Khizran Masjid Manchester M8 0PF – Llanberis LL55 4TY – 109 miles, 2hr4mins approx.
  • West London Islamic Centre W13 0SQ – Llanberis LL55 4TY – 238 miles, 4hr43mins approx.
  • Sparkbrook Islamic Centre/Masjid B11 1ND – Llanberis LL55 4TY – 127 miles, 2hrs50mins approx.
  • UKIM Glasgow Masjid G4 9AJ – Llanberis LL55 4TY – 303 miles, 5hrs, 9mins approx.

In view of the distances and travel times from various UKIM zones, it is advised that participants must arrange in advance for their travel to Llanberis to join the challenge at 10:00hrs on July 29, 2024.

Transport Plan: Details will be communicated nearer the challenge date depending upon the number of volunteers registered and regions.

Meals and Refreshments

  • Refreshments: Tea/coffee or soft drinks/juices with energy snacks will be served on arrival at Llanberis to all participants.
  • Lunch: Packed lunch will be distributed to all participants at the start point. The lunches will be consumed on arrival at the summit.
  • Dinner: Will be arranged at a local food outlet if open. Alternatively, a snack/burger or wrap meal with a soft drink will be served (whichever is locally available).

Composition of Groups

  • Group I: Adults with family and children (12+), single adults (men only), and youth (men only)
  • Group II: Sisters only

Briefing and Guidance

  • Group I: Briefing and guidance will be conducted by qualified Mountain Guides from RAW Adventures, of any gender, during the challenge.
  • Group II: Briefing and guidance will be conducted by qualified Lady Mountain Guides from RAW Adventures during the challenge.

Doubts and Queries

If any volunteer or participant has any queries related to the challenge or any administrative aspects, please contact us at or mobile 07557055996 (available on WhatsApp). Contact person: Tahir Naseer, Events Department, UKIM.