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About Us

Who we are
UK Islamic Mission (UKIM) was formed in December 1962 on the initiative of a small group of Muslims who met in a Mosque in London to discuss the need for an organisation in Britain to cater for the needs of the new growing Muslim community arriving in the UK, and to convey the vision and message of Islam to the Western World.
How did we start
The UKIM started its work by addressing the immediate religious needs of the new migrant Muslim community in the UK. This included establishing mosques for worship, catering for the religious education of children, organising religious and community functions, and producing basic literature on Islam in English. The UKIM also worked to educate the Muslim community on how it could participate fruitfully and contribute positively to the moral and spiritual betterment of wider society within which they had made their homes.
Our philosophy
These efforts were underpinned and driven by the Islamic faith and values. Islam teaches that building the foundations of community life on faith, spirituality and morality is essential to ensure people remain upright, just, peaceful and conscious of their social obligations. With these foundations people find purpose and meaning, become motivated to live a moral life, take care of others, and promote peace, respect and dignity for all people. Moral and spiritual foundations give rise to a caring and sharing community life, which in turn, produces a just and peaceful society. A society in which citizens live in dignity encourages a fair and just distribution of wealth. This consequently stimulates material and economic development, prosperity, development and growth of knowledge and wisdom, and hence human progress. Islam teaches that a society in which people are driven by self-worship, material goals alone, arrogance, selfish objectives, short-term gains, greed for power and wealth, will lead to the eventual social disintegration and weakening of society.
What do we do
Over the years, the UKIM, in order to contribute in building a good society, gradually developed its core services for the community. These include establishing a network of mosques and Islamic schools (madaris) to cater for the worship and moral education of the community; engaging in interfaith activities, producing literature in English for the new generation and for sharing information on Islam (dawah) with the wider public. In addition, the UKIM made efforts to develop relief and welfare programmes in the UK and overseas.
Through its nationwide network of mosques and Islamic centres, the UKIM today serves the community, provides Islamic education to over 5000 Muslim children and raises funds for relief and welfare projects that are aimed at helping people and alleviating their suffering. The UKIM centres also make available information on Islam to schools, libraries, prisons, hospitals, churches, as well as to individuals who request it. Our branches organise public programmes, mosque open days, exhibitions, and setup leaflets and books stalls in public places for distribution. Some of our centres provide food parcels to those in need. They also regularly invite local schools and organisations to visit the mosques. Fellow non-Muslims are encouraged to visit our centres to discuss Islam over tea/coffee or dinner.
Our activities
Over the years the UKIM has enhanced its engagement with people of other faiths, including the holding of inter-faith events in the mosques. Our Imams also visit hospitals and prisons to cater for the religious needs of the patients and inmates. In addition to its own charity work, the UKIM raises funds to support the work of mainstream charities.
Who are the beneficiaries
The key beneficiaries of this wide ranging work are primarily the members of the Muslim community (men, women and children), local schools, hospitals, prisons, local authorities, charities, and the general public. The UKIMs European Islamic Centre (EIC), based in Oldham, provides more advanced level studies in Islam for those who aspire to become Islamic scholars.
What do we promote
UKIM promotes and encourages mutual appreciation and friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims. Through its work, it aspires to see all citizens, irrespective of their colour, background, ethnicity, economic class and political affiliation, to live in dignity and peace with each other. This is because Islam aims to break the shackles that disunite human beings and restores dignity for all people. This was the mission of all the messengers of God and this is the mission that UKIM is delivering to the best of its ability and resources.
We pray that Allah subhanahu wa taala accepts our humble services for humanity and bless the sincere and dedicated efforts and sacrifices of our members, associates and friends throughout the UK and overseas.